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  • PROBA-V - View on earth (.MP4 - .WMV)
    Aboard the second VEGA flight from Kourou, PROBA V, V for Vegetation, is part of a series of small satellites made by ESA to demonstrate new technologies on orbit.
    But this satellite - of only one cubic meter - will be an operational tool to monitor vegetation on Earth.
    This video explains the mission of this innovative satellite mostly made in Belgium.
    It includes interviews of PROBA V managers in English, French and Dutch.
    © ESA

  • PROBA-V - Animations (.MP4 - .WMV)
    PROBA Vegetation - PROBA-V animations
    © ESA

  • PROBA-V - QinetiQ cleanroom (.MP4 - .WMV)
    PROBA Vegetation - PROBA-V in cleanroom, QinetiQ, Antwerpen
    © ESA

  • PROBA-V - PROBA Family (.MP4 - .WMV)
    This story explains what is the PROBA family and looks back at the previous PROBA missions.
    It includes an interview with Franco Ongaro, ESA Director of Technical and Quality Management.
    © ESA

  • PROBA-Vanimated video